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Diamond Transmission Partners invests in offshore transmission systems as an Offshore Transmission Owner (“OFTO”). Diamond Transmission Partners owns and operates offshore transmission businesses in the UK.

An OFTO transports electrical energy from the large offshore wind farms to the onshore high voltage transmission system, transmitting green energy to UK consumers.

The diagram illustrates the scope of the OFTO which includes an offshore substation, which connects the offshore wind farm, offshore and onshore cables and an onshore substation, where the system connects to the onshore grid.

Generation Assets

Turbines, foundations and inter-array cables

e.g. Wind turbine

e.g. 34kV inter-array cables
e.g. 220kV export cables

Transmission (OFTO) Assets

Offshore substation, export cable, onshore substation & connection to grid

Offshore substation

220kV export cable

Onshore substation