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Race Bank OFTO


The Race Bank OFTO is situated in the Greater Wash about 27km off the North Norfolk coast.

The OFTO is a 580MW connection between the generators and onshore transmission system.

The  two offshore substation are connected to shore by two 71km undersea cables, which come ashore in the Wash. The onshore cables, which are about 12km long, connect to the onshore substation at Walpole.

Downloadable Documents

  • Transmission Licence

    Size: 4 MB Download
  • DTPRB - Decommissioning Programme

    Size: 2 MB Download
  • DTPRB Separation and Independence of the Transmission Business Compliance Statement Issue 7

    Size: 768 KB Download
  • DTPRB Basis of Transmision Owner Charges_2021-22 - Issue 3

    Size: 178 KB Download
  • DTPRB Regulatory Account 2020-21

    Size: 831 KB Download
Diamond Transmission hero image